The Solimena Family Story


The Salernitan family Solimèna, of ancient and illustrious standing in Salerno,
were granted the title of patricians of Salerno in Seggio del Campo, and enjoyed noble rank as well in Venosa.”

Thus begins the entry "Solimèna" in the Golden Book of Italian Nobility. The Solimena has been a constant presence in various aspects of Italian civil and political society since the Medieval era. The Golden Book of Italian Nobility was instituted in 1896 in order to keep a record of all Italian families that had obtained titles of nobility, through analysis of biographical data, family trees, titles, family coats of arms and decrees of recognition and concession.

The book also includes, therefore, an image of the coat of arms of the Solimena family, which seeks to represent the virtues and particularities of the dynasty in an iconographic manner. On the standard, a silver paschal lamb is depicted resting on a three-peaked mountain. The lamb, a symbol of sacrifice and humility, raises a white banner with a red cross, the symbolic cross of St. George, which throughout history was adopted by the Republic of Genova, the Crusaders, England, and innumerable other cities and nations. The color silver, together with blue, dominates the family crest topped by a helmet, with elegant decorations trailing from it.

From artists to clergy members, doctors to royal councillors, captains to jurists: dozens and dozens of figures worthy of historical recognition, who have fulfilled their duties with diligence and professionalism, and attained recognition for their services. The most recent 80 years of history have seen jurists as the dominant professional class of the family. The latest page of the story of the Solimena family includes Federico Solimena as a central character: an antifascist prefect, first of the Kingdom of Italy and later of the Republic of Italy.

From this high point came a family tree full of notaries, lawyers and today also politicians, who passionately carry on the Solimena family's tradition of guaranteeing constant and diligent involvement, both direct and indirect, in local enterprises over all these years, intending to place their historical and judicial experience at the service of the community.

In the two most recent generations Aldo Solimena, son of Federico, is notable for having founded the oldest notary office of the Tigullio region in May 1953, from Sestri Levante to Santa Margherita Ligure and Rapallo. For the past fifty years, the Solimena family has been able to take advantage of the structural development and growth in the tourist industry characteristic of the economic boom of the Tigullio and Genoa regions, where they opened their current office in 1956 at Via Ceccardi 4.

Aldo's first-born son, Federico, will carry on his father's legacy, not only in the notarial world but as a directorial figure in the world of sport, as a regional delegate of the Italian Golf Federation, and in an institutional context, having been named as an administrative consultant for Stazione Marittima S.p.a.

His son Nicola Aldo, a lawyer, decided in 2017 to dedicate himself to politics, running for office and winning the election as a municipal councilman for Municipality VIII Medio-Levante in Genoa.

  1. Prefect

    Federico Solimena


    Fought in the First World War, for which he was named a Knight of Vittorio Veneto. An administrative lawyer, he was Prefect of the Kingdom of Italy and of the Republic in the early 1950s, in various Italian cities including Genoa. After retirement he lived in Rome, where he continued practicing as a lawyer.

    1. Aldo


      A notary in Sestri Levante since 1954 and then in Genoa, a consultant for important Ligurian companies traded on the Stock Exchange, practicing his profession until retirement. He passed away in 2005 after a minor domestic accident.Notaio a Sestri Levante dal 1954 e poi a Genova, consulente di importanti Società Liguri quotate in Borsa, Notaio a Sestri Levante dal 1954 e poi a Genova, consulente di importanti Società Liguri quotate in Borsa, ha svolto la professione fino al pensionamento.

      1. Federico


        Lawyer in Genoa since 1979, notary since 1981 and administrative consultant for shipping company Stazioni Maritime SPA. Sole delegate from Liguria to the Italian Golf Federation, member of the leading societies in Genoa and the surrounding area for 50 years.

        1. Federica


          A lawyer from 2006 to 2016. Currently a notary in S. Olcese and Genoa. Married to Filippo d'Amore, a notary in Cogoleto, with whom she has two children: Maddalena, born in 2009 and Alessandra, born in 2011.

        2. Nicola


          Lawyer in Genoa and Rapallo since 2007, and Municipal Councillor in Genoa for the Municipality of Medio Levante. Handles civil business and corporate law.

        3. Marie


          Graduated last year from the Deledda International School in Genoa. Studied for ten years at the drama school at the "Practical Fifth" theater, and is currently studying acting and directing at the New York Film Academy in Manhattan.

      2. Maria Teresa


        A lawyer in Genoa since 1998, specializes in family law, previously active in business.

        1. Camilla D'Adamo


          The daughter of Giorgio d'Adamo, the well-known musician and bass player for the New Trolls; she has two children with Giovanni Lercari: Clotilde, born in 2016, and Giorgio, born in 2018. Earned a degree in Economic Science in London in 2012.

      3. Luigi


        A lawyer in Milan since 1990 and a former CONSOB functionary. Graduated from the University of Genoa and Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA.

    2. Liana


      Married Ugo di Benedetto, a notary in Rapallo from 1954 to 1975, later moving to Rome. The marriage produced twins in 1952, Maurizio and Ida: Maurizio is currently a notary in Rome and is married to Simonetta Torina, herself also a notary in Rome. The couple has two children: Luca, born in 1984, and Federico, born in 1986. Ida married the pharmacist Baschieri. In 1985 the marriage produced twins Chiara and Flaminia Baschieri.

    3. Raffaella


      Married to the ex-president of the Constitutional Court Riccardo Chieppa, with whom she had two children: Vincenzo, an engineer, whose two children: Tommaso (born in 1996) and Simone (born in 1999), and Roberto, President of the Chamber of the Council of State and currently Secretary General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and father of two children, Federico (born in 1999) and Valentina (born in 2002).